7 Foot Driveway Grader with Single Quick-Attach and 3 Point Hitch


Grader Specs:

  • Width: 86″
  • Length: 73″
  • Height: 32″
  • Approx. shipping weight: 1190 pounds
  • Ideal for any skid steer or tractor that has quick-attach or 3-point hitch
  • Retail price: $4197 (not including shipping & taxes)
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Are you tired of a gravel driveway that has potholes, weeds, and is high maintenance? Does purchasing gravel every year and spreading it by hand make you frustrated?

Our 7 foot skid steer and tractor driveway grader (with a single quick-attach & 3-point  hitch) makes it easy to maintain your gravel areas and keep your driveway looking clean and neat!

No matter your gravel parking lot or driveway, you can…

  • Waste less gravel
  • Fix potholes easily
  • Smooth rough places quickly
  • Have a high-quality driveway grader
  • Be easier on vehicles with fewer bumps and potholes
  • Remove weeds
  • Have a well-maintained gravel area