Get A Lawn Mower Canopy And Kick The Negative Effects of Prolonged Sun Exposure

Isn’t it amazing what we put up with when solving our problems sounds too complicated? 

For instance, we know we will get sunburned if we don’t wear a hat or sunscreen. But when it comes down to it, actually digging out the sunscreen and putting it on is much too bothersome to consider.  

The same goes for wearing a hat. We know a hat protects us, but for some people, the itchy, sweaty discomfort of wearing one just isn’t worth it. 

This means mowing your lawn can result in painful sunburns and even (eventually) skin cancer. 

That’s not cool! 

At Iron Bull Manufacturing, we believe you should be able to mow your yard in comfort and protect yourself at the same time. Thankfully, you can!  

The solution? 

A canopy for your lawn mower. 

And a lawn mower canopy can protect you from more than just the sun. 

Want to know more? 

Here’s how a lawn mower canopy can protect you.

Table of Contents

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    1. Protects You From the Sun

  • 2. Provides Head Protection

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    3. Shields You From the Weather

Lawn Mower Canopies Protect You From the Sun

Sunshine is good for you. You need it! 

But overexposure to the sun can be harmful. Too much sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer, and can also result in premature skin aging and even cataracts in your eyes. 

Here are several ways a mower canopy could help protect you from the harmful effects of sun exposure. 

Shield your skin from painful sunburns 

Sunburns are painful, annoying, and completely unnecessary. 

We all know how to prevent them, but we don’t because it’s too much of a bother - who wants to go dig out the sunscreen just to mow the yard? 

After all, lots of people hate wearing sunscreen. Some don’t like how oily it makes their skin. Others dislike the smell of it or the way it can run into your eyes and burn if you start to sweat. Plus, sunscreen isn’t always 100% effective. 

Thankfully you can put sunburn and sunscreen out of your mind while mowing with a mower canopy.

A mower canopy means you can mow your yard in comfort without the bother of sunscreen. With a canopy, you’ll get 100% protection without any of the nasty side effects. 

Why put up with an annoying sunburn when you could easily eliminate it?

a mower canopy allows you to mow your lawn in comfort

Decrease your risk of skin cancer 

A lawn mower canopy does not guarantee you won’t get skin cancer. There are many causes of skin cancer, and a canopy doesn’t eliminate them all. 

However, according to the Mayo Clinic, sun exposure is one of the leading causes. 

And guess what? 

This cause is completely preventable. 

Why not eliminate some sun exposure by adding a canopy to your mower? 

Protect your eyes from strain  

Have you ever come inside after being in the sun and felt like your eyes were strained and sandy? That is because sun glare can cause dry eyes, migraines, and swelling inside your eyes. 

While this doesn’t cause long-term damage, it is definitely annoying! And if you are out in the sun all day, every day for long periods of time, you will have to deal with it a lot. 

Again, ask yourself:  

Why put up with an annoyance you could easily prevent? 

Avoid sun glare while mowing with a mower canopy

Avoid wearing a hat 


We get it that some people just love to wear hats! 

But not everyone does. Wearing a hat means you have to put up with sweating, itching, and hat lines. Plus, you might not like how they look. 

If you are not a hat-wearer, a lawn mower canopy might be just the thing for you! 

At Iron Bull Manufacturing, we believe you should be able to enjoy the sun without experiencing the irritating side effects of too much sun exposure - and a mower canopy can help you do that!

Amazingly enough, protection from the sun is just one of the ways a canopy for a mower can improve your life. 

Let’s take a look at a few other benefits of buying a mower canopy! 

how a mower canopy protects you from the sun

Mower Canopies Provide Head Protection In Rollover Accidents

Have you ever been riding along on your tractor or mower and gotten slapped in the face with a branch? 

Most little branches like this are just annoying. But a bigger branch could cut you or even cause a head or neck injury. 

While a lawn mower canopy does not completely eliminate the risk of getting slapped with branches, it does take it down a notch, specifically if your canopy is made of metal. A good metal canopy can deflect some of the branches and keeps them from hitting your face. 

A metal canopy can also protect you from roll-over accidents. 

If you are riding a mower without a canopy or ROPS (roll over protection system) and you roll over, your head will be the only thing between the mower and the ground. You can imagine what the results of that are! 

If you have a canopy or ROPS bar, it catches the ground before your head so you don’t get injured. 

A canopy is not the same as an ROPS system, and it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety in a roll-over accident. But a sturdy metal canopy can make a huge difference and may mean the difference between life and death or severe injury. 

And as benign as mowing your lawn sounds, people do die in lawn mower accidents. 

In the USA, about 70 people are killed by lawnmowers annually, and thousands more are injured. That is more than the annual deaths from sharks, bears, and snakes combined! Lawnmower rollovers are among the causes of these deaths and injuries.  

When you put it that way, spending the money to get a good canopy doesn’t seem so significant!

P.S. Want to learn more about tractor canopies and ROPS bars? We have some blogs on that topic. Feel free to read them!

a mower canopy or ROPS bar protects your head from injury

Shield Yourself From The Weather With A Lawn Mower Canopy

A simple lawn mower canopy is not going to protect you from a hurricane or blizzard. Canopies don’t have sides, so if it’s windy, the rain or snow might still blow in. In other words, canopies won’t provide complete protection. 

But it might let you get that last strip of lawn mowed without getting drenched by the rain. And it will definitely keep you drier and warmer than no canopy at all!  

Someday, when you are trying to beat the snowstorm and haul one more load of wood to your shed, or trying to quickly mow your yard while it sprinkles rain, you might be glad you have a canopy.


Too often we overlook minor annoyances or put ourselves at risk because the solution seems like too much bother. 

How often have you put up with a sunburn, a squeaky door, or an incomplete fast-food order because it was just too much trouble to fix it? 

Or maybe you have put yourself at risk by not taking a precaution like buckling your seat belt because it seemed like too much work at the time. 

But ask yourself: 

Why should I suffer from things I could easily prevent?  

Our mower canopies help provide you with the protection you need. 

We make getting your canopy easey. We include all the hardware you’ll need to install your mower canopy, and if you ever have questions, just give us a call! 

All you have to do to purchase your mower canopy is:

  1. Pick your canopy material (we offer plastic and metal) 
  2. Choose your canopy color
  3. Purchase your canopy. We will ship it directly to you. 

If you aren’t satisfied with your results, we will give you a full refund. 

We also offer canopies and tractor ROPS for many different models of tractors: 

We also offer trash and scrap hoppers like  self-dumping hoppersbottom dump hoppers, and specialty hoppers

Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Iron Bull Manufacturing offers quality lawn mower canopies