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My guys say they like the Iron Bull hoppers better than what we had bought before. They say they are built better and are easier to dump.”

- Tom Saari, Pallet Resource


Why our self-dumping hoppers are some of the strongest on the market

Wrap around lip on back corners

Welded reinforcing angle around top edge

Side of hopper extending down past the bottom and welded solid

Welded gussets on inside front corners

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The Steps to Efficiency are...

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    We confirm your hopper size and footprint before we ship your product.

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    Our short lead times ensure that you receive your hopper quickly.

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    Enjoy your increased efficiency, productivity, and regained space!

What You Can Expect From
Iron Bull's Self-Dumping Forklift Hoppers

Satisfacton Guaranteed

If you are not fully satisfied, return your product for a full refund.


All our hoppers come with a standard 90-day warranty that protects you from any mistake we make.

In-Stock Options

Our Quick Ship program offers a variety of size options that guarantees shipping in the next 48 hours.

What if you had…

  • More space because everything fit exactly like it should

  • Better output in your manufacturing because scrap removal is streamlined

  • A safer space for everyone to work because your scrap is always collected

  • Happier employees because your shop is organized and clutter free

Our Self-Dumping Forklift Hoppers help make this a reality for your company!

Looking for a different style of hopper?

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  • Not sure which hopper your business needs?

    We design custom solution-based hoppers for your exact business needs!

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Learn More About Our Self-Dumping Hoppers

Self-dumping forklift hoppers are designed to allow forklifts and other equipment with fork attachments to dump materials and scrap without any additional motors or pulleys being needed.

There is a release latch on self-dumping trash hoppers which allow the hopper to be easily dumped and emptied.  When the load is dumped, the hopper closes on its own, and the release latch becomes locked.

Because they can be easily moved and dumped with a forklift, self-dumping hoppers are valuable in helping manufacturing plants catch, move, and discard scrap material.

This results in a safer workplace, cleaner shop floors, happier employees, and a more efficient manufacturing plant.


Full length channel base

(Not available for economy models.)


Wrap around welded lip on back corners 

(Standard on all models.)


Base cross tie channel, open face down

(Standard on all models.)


Welded reinforcing angle all
along the top edge

(Not Standard on economy models)


Sides of hopper extend down past hopper

(Standard on all models.)


Additional welded gusset greatly enhances
front corner strength

(Not Standard on economy models)

What Makes Iron Bull's Self Dumping Trash Hoppers Unique?

Here at Iron Bull, we have done extensive research on many kinds of hoppers available in today's market.

We understand that there are many factors that go into making a safe, durable, and truly efficient self-dumping hopper.  Some of these factors are the steel thickness, overall design, and the way the hopper is put together in the manufacturing process.

We have taken the strong points of other self-dumping dumpsters and put them into a single package:

  • Wrap around lip on back corners
  • Welded reinforcing angle around top edge
  • Side of hopper extending down past the bottom and welded solid
  • Welded gussets on inside front corners

These features, put together in one single hopper, add up to a well-built unit with great structural integrity.


Choosing the Hopper Steel Thickness

One of the most important factors in a hopper's structural integrity is the steel thickness.

The thicker or heavier the steel, the greater the hopper strength. Thicker steel also has greater resistance to “dings and dents” and punctures from heavy material or careless forktruck operation.

Each forklift dump hopper size has different steel thicknesses to choose from. The steel thickness of the hopper and the hopper base design determine the duty rating and rate capacity rating.

The duty ratings are an important selection factor. For instance, if the material being put into the hopper are heavy chunks of hardwood or metal that will fall with some force, then, even if the weight of a full hopper is less than the weight capacity, a heavier duty hopper will be a better choice.

The thicker steel in the heavier duty hopper will have greater “ding and dent” resistance which of course means fewer repairs and longer hopper life.

You can view our available steel thickness and sizes available for our self-dumping hoppers by looking at our section below entitled "Technical Specs - What size & toughness do you need?"

Capacity chart for our Self Dumping Hoppers

Note: each self dumping hopper within a particular series has the same height and length. Only the width varies to handle the different capacities. For instance, the Brahma Bull 4yd and the Brahma Bull 6yd are both 60”high and 90”long. Only the width is different. Use the following chart to help you choose the cubic size you need.

self dumping hopper dimensions

The Mini Bull series has an ultra low profile and is short. The overall height is 26”and the length is 38”. Designed for narrow or tight areas. Available in 1/8 yd. increments.

Capacity: 1/8 (17”W)1/4 (30”W)3/8 (42”W) 
“Stretch”Series Capacity: 1/2 (57”W)5/8 (70”W)3/4(84”W)7/8 (98”W)1yd(111”W)

The Baby Bull Series is also a low profile hopper. The overall height is 30” and the length is
50”. This series is very popular in the wood working industry. It is ideal for placing beside
your table saw, or, with the Bat-Wing™ Base, underneath your chop saw bench.

Capacity: 1/3 (25”W), 1/2 (37”W), 3/4 (55”W)
“Stretch”Series Capacity: 1 (73”W), 1 1/4 (90”W), 1 1/2yd. (102”W)

The Junior Bull series is a medium height hopper. The overall height is 36”and the length is 66”.

Capacity: 3/4 (33”W), 1 (43”W), 1 1/4 (53”W), 1 1/2 (63”W)
“Stretch”Series Capacity: 1 3/4 (73”W), 2yd. (83”W)

The Big Bull series is our most popular. Overall height is 43”and the length is 72”. Be sure your
forklift has the correct capacity to handle these when full.

Capacity: 1 1/2 (46”W), 2 (58”W), 2 1/2 (72”W), 3 (86”W)
“Stretch”Series Capacity: 3 1/2 (100”W), 4 yd. (114”W)

The Brahma Bull series’ overall height is 60”and the length is 90”. These hoppers hold lots of
material! Be sure your forklift has the correct capacity to handle these when full.

Capacity: 4 (62”W), 5 (76”W), 6 (90”W), 7 (104”W), 8 yd. (118”W)

How tough do you need your hopper?


For general plant maintenance, lightweight recycling, cardboard, light wood scraps, light metal, etc. Intermittent use.

Available in all Series except Mini Bull and Brahma Bull

Hopper Gauge: 12 gauge
Top Edge: Formed
Base: 7 gauge open style base
Capacity: 2,000 lb
Tapered Slide Box: optional


For general plant maintenance, lightweight recycling, cardboard, light wood scraps, light metal, etc. Continuous use.

Available in all Series except Mini Bull and Brahma Bull

Hopper Gauge: 12 gauge
Top Edge: welded angle
Base: 7 gauge full length channel base.
Capacity: 2,800 lb
Tapered Slide Box: standard


For heavy wood chunks, scrap metal, dense trash and just heavier all around use.

Available in all 5 Series

Hopper Gauge: 10 gauge
Top Edge: welded angle
Base: 7 gauge full length channel base. Mini Bull has open style
Capacity: 4,000 - 5,000 lb
Tapered Slide Box: standard


For heavy scrap and heavy shock loads of all sorts. Stone, metal, glass, brick, hardwood, etc. This model will give years of heavy duty usage day-in and day-out. A good choice for sawmills and pallet shops. Used extensively in all types of heavy industry.

Available in all 5 Series

Hopper Gauge: 7 gauge
Top Edge: welded angle
Base: 1/4" full length channel base. Mini Bull has open style
Capacity: 6,000 - 7,000 lb
Tapered Slide Box: standard


After requests from the scrap yard industry for a less expensive yet heavy duty hopper, we are now offering the Super Heavy Duty Model in an economy version. It is identical to the Super Heavy Duty except it has a formed top edge and an open style base.

Available in all 5 Series

Hopper Gauge: 7 gauge
Top Edge: formed
Base: 1/4" open style base. Mini Bull has open style
Capacity: 6,000 lb
Tapered Slide Box: Optional

Popular options for our self-dumping forklift hoppers:



A simple addition with a huge effect. Add ease of movement within your shop without using a forktruck, saving on propane and forklift wear and tear.


Automatic Dump-From-Seat™

A nylon leash extends or retracts as needed. The latch rope reel has a magnetic mounting clip, keeping the reel on the hopper when not in use. For in use, simply remove from hopper and magnetically stick it to the forktruck frame. To dump your trash hopper, just lock the thumb button and pull. After dumping, tilt the forktruck mast back and the hopper will automatically roll back into its locked position again.


Automatic Push-and-Dump™ On Our Self Dumping Trash Hoppers

The Automatic Push and Dump™ is designed for dumping into roll-offs or other large waste containers. By pushing the latch push tube gently against the edge of the large waste container, the hopper latch is released, dumping the scrap material quickly.


Job-Hopper Railing

Convert your self-dumping hopper to a raised job platform in 2 minutes or less by adding a safety railing.

reclaim option 6

Fluid Reclaim Option

In sizes 1/8 yard to 2 yards, we can add a drainage hole at the bottom of your hopper.  This allows you to drain liquid before dumping your hopper.


Skid Steer Quick Attach

Use a self-dumping hopper on your farm, construction site, and other off-road areas with a skid steer quick attachment.  Available on hoppers 3.75' to 10' wide.

  • Tapered Slide Box™ 
    (for Economy Models)
  • Stacking feature 
    (not on all models)
  • 1” drainage Hole
  • Crane pick up eyes
  • 3 way fork entry 
    (1/4 to 2 cu yd. only)
  • Hopper floor lock 
    (for use with casters)
  • 3” fork pocket 
    (our standard is 21/2”)
  • Push handle 
    (for use with casters)
  • Bat-Wing™ base
  • Automatic Push-and-Dump™
  • Dump-From-Seat™ latch rope
  • Open-One-End with Back-Stop
  • Open both ends
  • Casters

Iron Bull self dumping hoppers come standard with a Gray oxide primer. The following colors are available as an option:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Self-Dumping Trash
Hopper FAQs

Click to read the 10 ways Trash Hoppers
Make a Safer Work Environment
What applications are ideal for self-dumping hoppers?

Self-dumping hoppers can be used in a variety of applications including...

    • Woodworking
    • Metal fabrication shops
    • Pallet shops
    • General manufacturing
How can I use a self-dumping hopper in an off-road area?
  • We offer a skid steer quick attachment on our self-dumping hoppers.  This allows you to take your hopper anywhere a skid steer can go.
What are the dumping options?

Self-dumping hoppers have a variety of dumping options:

    • Standard:  Hand lever located on the hopper.
    • Optional:  Dump-from-seat which is a nylon leash that extends and retracts as needed.  It has a magnetic clipping kit for easy transfer to and from a forklift.
    • Optional:  Automatic push-and-dump has a latch that can be gently pushed against a dumpster and activates the dumping action.

We highly recommend one of the optional options to save time and increase dumping efficiency.

Do self-dumping hoppers work well with pallet jacks?
  • Except for some of the smallest models, all our self-dumping hoppers work well with pallet jacks if casters are not used.
What are the options for the ends?

Self-dumping hoppers have three options:

  • Both ends open
  • Only one end open
  • Completely enclosed (no open ends)
How do you deliver self-dumping hoppers?
  • All our hoppers are delivered via freight shipping.
What forklift pocket sizes are available?

Self-dumping hoppers have two forklift pocket sizes:

    • 2.5" pockets
    • 3" pockets
What is included in the Satisfaction Guarantee?
  • If you are not satisfied with your self-dumping hopper, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.  The customer is responsible for freight charges and any damages incurred during the 90 days.
  • Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to orders of 4 hoppers or more, and custom hoppers are also exempt.  These products are still covered by the standard warranty.
Why are self-dumping hoppers sometimes called "Self-dumping forklift hoppers"?
  • Because self-dumping hoppers can be easily moved and dumped with a forklift (or any machinery with fork attachments), they are sometimes referred to as a 'self dumping forklift hopper' or a 'forklift dump hopper.'
  • That's the beauty of a self-dumping trash hopper - it can be moved and dumped by anything with forks!
What is a self-dumping dumpster?
  • Self-dumping hoppers are sometimes referred to as "self-dumping dumpsters" because their main purpose is usually to collect trash and scrap, similar to a dumpster. 
  • Self-dumping hoppers are sometimes referred to as a self-dumping dumpster because they can dump itself when it is full.  You just need a forklift or something similar to raise the trash hopper over your main trash disposal, and then simply dump the hopper! 

Thank you for visiting us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.