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At the end of the day, our crew is tired and wants to get home as soon as possible.  The Iron Bull's pickup truck hopper allows us to quickly and safely take care of the days' construction debris.”

- Beiler Construction, Indiana

Which Construction Forklift Dumpster Is Right For Your Job?

  • 12 yd Self Dumping Hopper - Monster Bull

    Self-Dumping Hoppers

    Self-dumping hoppers (also called "forklift dumpsters" or "telehandler trash hoppers") provide easy storage, transfer, and dumping of materials on your job site.  Click here to learn more about our self-dumping hoppers and available sizes.

  • 4 yd Drop Bottom Hopper

    Bottom Dump Hoppers

    Bottom dump hoppers, available in both single door or double door options, maximize the available space you have on the job site.  Their ability to dump from the bottom makes them ideal for sand, gravel, and other loose material.  Click here to learn more about our bottom dump hoppers and available sizes.

  • Quick attach hopper for skid steers

    Skid Steer Dump Hoppers

    Ideal for sites and areas where skid steers are used, these skid steer dump hoppers allow for a quick attachment to a skid steer.  This feature is available on our self-dumping hopper models 3.75' to 10' wide.

  • Pickup hopper for farm & construction scraps

    Pickup Truck & Trailer Hoppers

    Our pickup truck & trailer hoppers are easily transported in the back of a truck or trailer.  They allow for a cost-effective alternative to renting a roll-off dumpster for smaller job sites.  Click here to learn more.

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    We confirm your hopper size and footprint before we ship your product.

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    Our short lead times ensure that you receive your hopper quickly.

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    Enjoy your increased efficiency, productivity, and regained space!

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Not sure which hopper would work best for your shop or your needs? Our team is here to help maximize your hopper's efficiency in your shop!


All our hoppers come with a standard 90-day warranty that protects you from any mistake we make.

In-Stock Options

Our Quick Ship program offers a variety of size options that ship within 1-4 business days.

What if you had…

  • An easier way to remove and store scrap on your job site?

  • A small dumpster for your pickup or trailer that saved you from renting a roll-off dumpster?

  • A safer construction site because of effective trash removal?

Our Construction Forklift Dumpsters help make this a reality for your job site!

Learn More About Pickup Truck & Trailer Hoppers

Construction Hoppers 1 Construction Hoppers 2 Construction Hoppers 3

Pickup & trailer hoppers maximize your job site trash efficiency without needing to rent or haul a standard roll-off dumpster to your construction site.

These hoppers are designed to fit into a standard pickup bed or be mounted on a trailer.  You can safely and quickly transport this trash to your main shop dumpster or a dump site and properly discard it.

The pickup & trailer hopper is made to empty from both the bottom and front and comes standard with the automatic Dump-From-Seat option for safe and easy disposal.

Available Sizes:

Construction Hoppers 4

Hopper FAQs

Click to read the 10 ways Trash Hoppers
Make a Safer Work Environment
  • Nothing!  The terms both refer to a trash hopper that is able to be moved, transported, and dumped with a forklift.  It doesn't matter if it is on a construction site or a manufacturing floor.

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