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Custom Hopper Solutions

Solution-based hoppers with the size, design, and purpose your business needs.

The Design You Need

The Features You Want

The Efficiency You Deserve

  • Do you need a specific hopper design or style for your shop?
  • Are you looking for a unique hopper size or function to provide the solution you need?


The Iron Bull Manufacturing team is ready to help you design and build the custom hopper you need for your shop, plant, or farm!

Here are a few of the custom hoppers we have made...

drop bottom wood hopper
Firewood Hopper

This hopper allows you to move, store, and dump firewood easily.

Fluid Reclaim Hopper

Store and transfer your scrap without worrying about oil, water, or other liquids in your hopper.  This hopper allows you to drain liquids separately.

Quick attach hopper for skid steers
Skid Steer Quick Attach

Use your skid steer to take your hopper into places where a forklift or telehandler can't easily go.

Pickup hopper for farm & construction scraps
Pickup Truck Hopper

Easily gather and transport debris from the construction site, golf course, farm, or anywhere a pickup or trailer can access.

Custom hydraulic drop bottom hopper
Hydraulic Double Drop-Bottom

This hopper configuration allows you to turn a self-dumping hopper into a manlift in minutes!

What hopper solution do you need for your shop, farm, or business?

Contact us to see how Iron Bull can make a specialty hopper for your specific needs!

Click here for more photos of custom hopper solutions we have made.

Companies that use our hoppers


We are very satisfied with the Iron Bull Hoppers. One thing we like is the fact that Iron Bull will custom build for you. We have found that they will pay for themselves in labor savings in a short time.”

- Dan West, Mica Shop

The Steps to Efficiency are...

  • 1

    We discuss what you want with your custom hopper - the size, purpose, features, and other details.

  • 2

    We confirm your hopper's final footprint and design before manufacturing begins.

  • 3

    We make your hopper to the exact specs and purpose that you need.

  • 4

    Enjoy your hopper designed specifically for your plant and shop!

Looking for a different style of hopper?

Browse our other hopper options below!

  • Front-Dump-03-1024x783

    Self-Dumping Hoppers

    Easy to use and built for heavy use.

  • drop1-1024x768

    Bottom Dump Hoppers

    Maximize every inch of floor space and hopper efficiency.

  • Sawdust hopper multi port

    Sawdust Hoppers

    Make sawdust removal easy with minimal dust.

  • DSC02107 ret_1

    Stretch Hoppers

    Ideal for crowded workspaces or long material.

  • Stretch Models

    Low-Profile Hoppers

    Designed to fit in tight spaces or under workbenches.

Firewood Hopper:

Load firewood or mulch without damaging your customers vehicle. Different sizes available.

Customers love it when you’re easy on their trucks or trailers. With a conventional hopper, you have to be an expert forktruck operator to get it positioned just right. But with the new EZ-Load Hopper, almost any operator can load a pickup without sending firewood pieces flying.

Iron Bull’s EZ-Load Hopper loads firewood, mulch or other materials from the bottom.
drop bottom wood hopper
The operator controls how fast the drop bottom doors open as the hopper is raised.
All action is controlled from the operators seat. Faster, easier and safer. No damage, no complaints.

Fluid Reclaim Hopper:

Store and transfer your scrap without worrying about oil, water, or other liquids also being emptied into the hopper.

Depending on what you work with on your manufacturing floor, you may have oil or other liquids entering the hopper.  This usually makes a mess because you don't want to dump this liquid into your larger roll-off dumpster.  The fluid reclaim hopper allows you to easily drain this liquid before you dump your hopper!

This feature is available in self-dumping hoppers in sizes 1/8 yard to 2 yards.

Fluid reclaim option on bottom of hopper
Assorted self-dumping hoppers

Skid Steer Quick Attach Hopper

Have an easy way to move a self-dumping hopper on the construction site, farm, or off-road area with a skid steer attachment!

It can be difficult to use self-dumping hoppers in areas where a forklift can't easily go.  That's why we offer the skid steer quick attach hopper for all of our regular self-dumping hoppers.  This feature is available on self-dumping hoppers 3.75' to 10' wide.

Quick attach hopper for skid steers
Quick attach hopper for skid steers

Pickup Truck & Trailer Hopper

Much more capacity than a conventional hopper.

An easy way to gather and transport debris around construction sites, farmsteads, golf courses or other places where a pickup or trailer can easily access.

Made to fit any pickup truck bed for handling daily construction site and other debris. Back door opens for convenient loading height.
At the debris dump site, the fork truck lifts the hopper from the bed, takes it to a roll-off container or dump site. Empties from bottom and front.
Now construction workers don't need to clean out daily debris by hand at the end of a hard day's work. The automatic Dump-from-Seat™ is standard for this hopper.

Iron Bull Job-Hopper™

Converts from a work platform to a trash hopper and vice versa in under 2 minutes.

Enjoy a self-dumping hopper that quickly converts into a work platform by adding a safety railing.
The Job-Hopper™ is a multi-purpose work platform for jobs like siding, windows, trim, gutters and other work off the ground. The safety railing is OSHA compliant.
The Iron Bull Job-Hopper™ is a handy piece of equipment for working on high vertical surfaces, like walls and roof eaves. Also use for loading and lifting roofing shingles or other materials to the roof line.
Converts into a waste container in less than 2 minutes. With the aluminum safety railing and work shelf removed, you now have a trash hopper for roofing debris or end-of-day general worksite clean-up.

Specialty Hopper FAQs

Are you looking for a unique hopper for your manufacturing plant, shop, farm, or construction business?

Have you looked around at different stock hopper options but not found what you want?

We have great news - Iron Bull Manufacturing designs and builds custom hoppers that provide the solutions you need!

No matter what your needs are, we work with you to create the design, style, size, and durability that you need for your hopper.  

You don’t need to be stuck with a hopper that doesn’t work with the unique requirements of your business.  Instead, you can choose a custom hopper from Iron Bull Manufacturing and enjoy your increased efficiency!


Thank you for visiting us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.