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We are very happy with the custom sawdust hopper you made for us. The Drop-Bottom works well and helps us utilize a small space. Every inch counts in our shop.”

- Joel Carpenter, Country Cabinets

3 yd sawdust hopper

Features of our Drop-Bottom™ Sawdust & Dust Hoppers

Hooks up directly to your cyclone

Site gauge

16” square hinged access door on top

Ladder (on large units)

Inlet port on top (size specified by customer)

Multiple ports (baghouse application)

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The Steps to Easy Dust Removal are...

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    We confirm your hopper size and footprint before we ship your product.

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    Our short lead times ensure that you receive your hopper quickly.

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    Enjoy your increased efficiency, productivity, and regained space!

What You Can Expect
From Iron Bull

Satisfacton Guaranteed

If you are not fully satisfied, return your product for a full refund.


All our hoppers come with a standard 90-day warranty that protects you from any mistake we make.

In-Stock Options

Our Quick Ship program offers a variety of size options that guarantees shipping in the next 48 hours.

What if you had…

  • More space because everything fit exactly like it should

  • Better output in your manufacturing because scrap removal is streamlined

  • A safer space for everyone to work because your scrap is always collected

  • Happier employees because your shop is organized and clutter free

Our Drop-Bottom™ Sawdust Hoppers help make this a reality for your company!

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Learn More About Our Sawdust Hoppers

Sawdust hoppers are designed to efficiently capture and remove sawdust in woodworking shops.  Our sawdust hoppers result in the following:

  • Less dust on the shop floor, workstations, and equipment.
  • Quick, clean, and efficient storage and disposal of sawdust.
  • Cleaner shop and plant.
  • Healthier work environment due to less dust in the air.
  • Happier employees due to cleaner working conditions in your woodshop.

Our customers like the sawdust hopper's gentle emptying action that results in less dust "coughing" in the air while being dumped.

Our sawdust hoppers are designed to work directly with your existing shop setup and ventilation.  The hoppers hook up directly to your cyclone and have a custom-sized inlet port.

Sawdust hoppers can work with other dust hoppers applications as well.  If you are unsure what dust hopper is right for your shop, please contact us to learn more information and have our team help you find the right dust hopper. 

Like our other hoppers, sawdust hoppers can be dumped from the forklift seat.

Capacities available are from 3/4 yard to 10 yards.  Please see below for available dimensions.


Sizing & Capacity chart
for Sawdust Hoppers

Our sawdust hoppers come in a variety of dimensions and yard capacity.  Click the options below to choose the capacity and size that best fits your woodshop!

Enjoy easy sawdust removal, a cleaner shop, and happier employees!

3/4 yard dimensions:

38" long x 42"wide  x 42" high

1 yard dimensions:

38" long x 42" wide x 54" high

1 1/2 yard dimensions:

45" long x 42" wide x 78" high

1 1/2 yard dimensions:

50" long x 55" wide x 45" high

2 yard dimensions:

57" long x 55" wide x 58" high

3 yard dimensions:

57" long x 55" wide x 84" high

3 yard dimensions:

62" long x 67" wide x 55" high

4 yard dimensions:

70" long x 67" wide x 66" high

5 yard dimensions:

70" long x 67" wide x 88" high

6 yard dimensions:

70" long x 67" wide x 105" high

6 yard dimensions:

87" long x 82" wide x 67" high

8 yard dimensions:

87" long x 82" wide x 90" high

10 yard dimensions:

87" long x 82" wide x 108" high

12 yard dimensions:

87" long x 82" wide x 126" high

Automatic Dump-From-Seat™

A nylon leash extends or retracts as needed. The latch rope reel has a magnetic mounting clip, keeping the reel on the hopper when not in use. For in use, simply remove from hopper and magnetically stick it to the forktruck frame. To dump, just lock the thumb button and pull. After dumping, tilt the forktruck mast back and the hopper will automatically roll back into its locked position again.

Paint Color Options

Iron Bull dust hoppers come standard with a Gray oxide primer. The following colors are available as an option:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Popular Options

  • Optional inset ladder
  • Quick connect-disconnect option
  • Quick connect-disconnect adapter to connect to square or larger cyclone outlets
  • Skid steer quick attach option
  • Additional sight glass
  • Optional 3" air return vent
  • Battery controller for remote dumping

Sawdust Hopper FAQs

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Make a Safer Work Environment
Can the inlet port sizes be customized?
  • Yes, the inlet port size is custom and determined by the customer.
How are sawdust hoppers dumped?

Sawdust hoppers dump from the bottom like a drop-bottom hopper.  Their are two ways to dump sawdust hoppers:

    • Standard:  Hand lever located on the hopper.
    • Optional:  Dump-from-seat which is a nylon leash that extends and retracts as needed.  It has a magnetic clipping kit for easy transfer to and from a forklift.

We highly recommend the dump-from-seat option to save time and increase dumping efficiency.

How do you deliver sawdust hoppers?
    • All our hoppers are delivered via freight shipping.
What forklift pocket sizes are available?

Sawdust hoppers have two forklift pocket sizes:

    • 2.5" pockets
    • 3" pockets
What is included in the Satisfaction Guarantee?
    • If you are not satisfied with your sawdust hopper, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.  The customer is responsible for freight charges and any damages incurred during the 90 days.
    • Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to orders of 4 hoppers or more, and custom hoppers are also exempt.  These products are still covered by the standard warranty.
Is there a way of knowing how full the dust hopper is?

Yes! We can include a sight glass so that you know exactly how full the sawdust hopper is at all times. 

What if I need a large sawdust hopper - how do I get to the top of it and attach my cyclone?

Great question! We can include an inset ladder directly on your dust hopper so you can climb to the top with ease

Can I move your sawdust hoppers with a skidsteer?

Yes! We can even equip our dust hoppers with a skid steer quick attach option to make the job extremely easy. 

What happens if I need to get inside the dust hopper?

All of our sawdust hoppers come equipped with a access door on top so you can get to the inside of the hopper if needed. 


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