New Holland Tractor
Shade Canopies

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Overhead Protection

Sun Shade

Peace of Mind

Are you ready for a
New Holland tractor canopy that...

  • Protects you from constant exposure to the sun, which is the leading cause of skin cancer?

  • Is made of quality metal, not plastic, and will last the life of your tractor?

Protect yourself and your loved ones
with a new metal shade canopy!

new holland tractor shade canopy


Protect your head from overhead obstacles with a reliable metal tractor canopy.

Durable Parts

Our parts are made of quality metal, not plastic, and will last the life of your tractor!


Say goodbye to sunburns and leaking roofs with a new tractor canopy!

Which Canopy Size Is Right
For Your New Holland Tractor?

  • S


    -SUC (41”W x 46” L)

    -Fits ROPS 20” to 35”wide

    -Tractors up to 24 HP

  • M


    -MUC (47”W x 52” L)

    -Fits ROPS 20” to 40”wide

    -25-40 HP Tractors

  • L


    -LUC (55”W x 59” L)

    -Fits ROPS 22” to 45”wide

    -41-100 HP Tractors

  • XL

    Exra Large

    -XLUC (60”W x 66” L)

    -Fits ROPS 27” to 50”wide

Get Your New Holland Sun
Protection In 3 Simple Steps

  • 1


    We need 3 measurements:

    - The complete width of your rollbar from outside to outside.

    - The width of your rollbar.

    - The depth or thickness.

  • 2


    After you order your canopy, we carefully package it so you receive it safely and without defect.

  • 3


    To protect your time and energy, we include clear mounting instructions with your tractor canopy.


Enjoy the comfort, safety, and peace that only a reliable tractor canopy provides!

Don't see your New Holland tractor model listed below? Click here to view our Universal Shade Canopy Sizing Guide and find which canopy will fit your tractor!

Small Canopy Kit:

  • SUC-BL (41”W x 46” L)
  • Fits ROPS 20” to 35”wide
  • Tractors up to 24 HP

Fits New Holland models:

  • T1010
  • TC18, TC21, TC21DA
  • TZ18DA, TZ18D, TZ21D
  • Boomer 1020

Medium Canopy Kit:

  • MUC-BL (47”W x 52” L)
  • Fits ROPS 20” to 40”wide
  • 25-40 HP Tractors

Fits New Holland models:

  • T1030, T1110, T1510, T1520, T1530, T2210, T2220, T2310, T3010
  • TC23DA, TC24DA, TC24D, TC25, TC26DA, TC29, TC29DA, TC30, TC31DA, TC33, TC33DA, TC34DA, TC35, TC35A, TC40, TC40A
  • TZ22DA, TZ24DA, TZ24D, TZ25DA
  • Boomer 20, Boomer 24, Boomer 25, Boomer 30, Boomer 33, Boomer 35, Boomer 37, Boomer 1025, Boomer 1030, Boomer 2030, Boomer 2035, Boomer 3040
  • Workmaster 33, Workmaster 35, Workmaster 37, Workmaster 40

Large Canopy Kit:

  • LUC-BL (55”W x 59” L)
  • Fits ROPS 22” to 45”wide
  • 41-100 HP Tractors

Fits New Holland Models:

  • L75
  • PowerStar 65, PowerStar 75
  • T4.55, T4.65, T4.75
  • T2320, T2330, T2410, T2420, T3020, T3030, T3040, T4020, T4030, T4030F, T4030V
  • TC45, TC45A, TC48DA, TC55DA
  • TD75D, TD80D, TD5010, TD5020
  • TK4.80V, TK4.80F, TK76, TK80, TK85, TK4030V
  • TL55E, TL60E, TL65E, TL70, TL70A, TL75E, TL80, TL80A
  • TN55, TN60A, TN65, TN70, TN70A, TN75, TN75A, TN85, TN85A
  • TT45A, TT50A, TT55, TT60A, TT75, TT75A
  • Boomer 8N, Boomer 40, Boomer 41, Boomer 45, Boomer 45D, Boomer 46D, Boomer 50, Boomer 50D, Boomer 54D, Boomer 55, Boomer 3045, Boomer 3050, Boomer 4055, Boomer 4060
  • Workmaster 45, Workmaster 50, Workmaster 55, Workmaster 60, Workmaster 65, Workmaster 70, Workmaster 75

X-Large Canopy Kit:

  • XLUC-BL (60”W x 66” L)
  • Fits ROPS 27” to 50”wide

Fits New Holland Models:

  • L85, L95
  • PowerStar 90, PowerStar 100, PowerStar 110, PowerStar 120
  • T4.85, T4.90, T4.95, T4.100, T4.105, T4.110, T4.115, T4.120, T5.105, T5.115, T5.95, T6.120, T6.140, 
  • T4040, T4040F, T4040V, T4050, T4050F, T4050V, T5040, T5050, T5060, T57070, T6010
  • T6020 Elite, T6020 Delta, T6020 Plus, T6030 Elite, T6030 Delta, T6030 Plus
  • TD85D, TD95D, TD5030, TD5040, TD5050, TD5050HC
  • TK100, TK4.100, TK4.100M, TK4030V, TK4050, TK4050M, TK4060
  • TL85E, TL90, TL90A, TL95E, TL100, TL100A, TL5040, TL5050, TL5060
  • TM115
  • TN90, TN95F, TN95A
  • TS6.110, TS6.120, TS90, TS100, TS100A, TS110, TS110A, TS115, TS115A

New Holland Agriculture is a brand currently owned by CNH Industrial (also the parent company of Case/Farmall). It was founded in 1895 in New Holland, PA by Abe Zimmerman. It was purchased by Sperry, Ford, and FiatAgri in succession in 1947, 1986, and 1991 respectively. In each case, the New Holland brand and technology was apparently stronger, so even corporate giants Ford and FiatAgri folded their brands/tech into New Holland in each case.

Fiat is most famous as the largest Italian automaker, but there was a large Fiat corporate holding company controlled by the Agnelli family that had its fingers in many industries. In 2011, a series of corporate reorganizations culminated in CNH Industrial forming the parent company of all Fiat-companies not involved in automaking. CNH is still largely controlled by the Italian Agnelli family that founded Fiat in 1899.

New Holland currently produces a wide variety of tractors and hay tools. It's probably most famous for its hay tools, having made "a major breakthrough in hay harvesting technology with the introduction of the haybine mower-conditioner [in 1947]." It also produces combine harvesters and forage harvesters, sprayers, tillage and seeding equipment, grape & olive harvesting equipment, light construction equipment, and UTVs.

In 1975, New Holland produced the first twin-rotor combine, technology that is still used today.

The Ford branch of tractors that pre-dated the New Holland acquisition was responsible for such innovations as the three-point hitch, power hydraulics, rubber pneumatic tires, and diesel engines.

Wikipedia writes further about New Holland's grape-picker vintage, "In the 1980s, Fiat acquired Braud, a French company founded in 1870, which introduced the stationary threshers to farmers in Western France in 1895. In 1975, Braud launched his first grape harvester, model 1020. This was further improved with Braud 1014, the best-selling grape harvester in the history of the vineyard, with over 2000 units sold in less than four years."

Since they joined the Fiat family, which got them a commanding presence in the European market, they've expanded worldwide with a series of joint ventures with local companies. They have joint ventures in Turkey, China, India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa with local companies. They have 22 plants in 19 countries. However, they're present in a full 170 countries, with their brand headquarters still in New Holland, PA.

If you are interested in buying a New Holland tractor or piece of equipment, you can find your local New Holland dealer here.  

If you are looking for a universal New Holland shade canopy for your tractor, mower, or other piece of New Holland equipment, then the team at Iron Bull would love to help you!  Get a quote for your canopy today!

If your tractor make or model number was not listed in our "Supported Models" section above, then you can purchase a Universal Shade Canopy using our sizing guide below.

We offer (4) canopy sizes and multiple colors to fit most brands and tractors.  Adjustable mounting allows our Universal Shade Canopies to mount to a large selection of tractors and mowers.

Brand Colors Available:  John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Case IH, Massey-Ferguson, Mahindra, International, Yanmar, and more!

Which Canopy Size Do You Need?

We are here to help you choose the right equipment!  Here is what we need you to do:

  • Find the measurements for your equipment's roll bar.  You need 3 measurements:
    • The complete width of your rollbar from outside to outside.
    • The width of your rollbar.
    • The depth or thickness of your rollbar.

New Holland Tractor Canopies 1 New Holland tractor canopy

  • Email us this information along with a photo of your equipment.
  • We will determine which canopy kit is the right fit for your equipment.

If you have your dimensions, you can also determine the kit you need with the following information:

Small Canopy Kit:

  • SUC-GR (41”W x 46” L)
  • Fits ROPS 20” to 35”wide
  • Tractors up to 24 HP

Medium Canopy Kit:

  • MUC-GR (47”W x 52” L)
  • Fits ROPS 20” to 40”wide
  • 25-40 HP Tractors

Large Canopy Kit:

  • LUC-GR (55”W x 59” L)
  • Fits ROPS 22” to 45”wide
  • 41-100 HP Tractors

Extra-Large Canopy Kit:

  • LUC-GR (60”W x 66” L)
  • Fits ROPS 27” to 50”wide


What You Can Expect
From Iron Bull

Satisfacton Guaranteed

Our New Holland canopies for sale come with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your product and return it to us.

Safe Shipment

We ship tractor shade canopies in wooden crates to protect them from damage during shipping.

All Mounting Brackets and Hardware

We include every part you need so that you don't have to run to the hardware store.

Hassle-free payment

Pay online with your credit card or call us to schedule your payment.



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You Shouldn't...

  • Risk injury from overhead obstacles when driving your tractor.

  • Have to deal with the constant heat of the sun.

  • Risk getting skin cancer.

Get your new New Holland Canopy Top from Iron Bull and have peace of mind!

Tractor Canopy FAQs

We get it. You've got questions. We've got answers

What materials are New Holland shade canopies made from?
    • All our products are made from metal.
What is your return policy?
    • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee return for 30 days; no questions asked.
How long does shipping and handling usually take?
    • Since most of our items are in stock, we ship most products 2-3 business days after receiving payment.
How are the New Holland canopies for sale shipped?
    • We ship all the parts in heavy wooden crates to protect them from scratching or damage during shipment.
What is included with the order?
    • Along with your tractor shade canopy, we include all the mounting brackets, attachment bolts and hardware, and mounting instructions.
Are the shade canopies painted?
    • Yes, they are painted with a 2-part urethane, similar to an automotive-style finish.
Are seat belts important with tractor sunshade canopies?
  • Yes!  While a shade canopy can help protect you from overhead obstacles, it will not protect you in the case of a roll-over accident.

Thank you for visiting us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.